Spring Menu

Lunch Special

Mon - Fri, 12 - 4pm

Beer and a Sausage


Specified Beer, Spicy Italian Sausage.

Add fries or salad


Charcuterie & Cheeses select three $18. select five $27. select seven $36.

daily selection

w/ accoutrements


salt & pepper fries


malt vinegar mayo. ketchup

spicy mixed nuts


dusted with mixed chilies

house pickles


made w/ seasonal vegetables


mixed olives


rosemary. thyme. chili. orange

tomato bisque                       $7

red wine. cheddar brûlée





Little Smokies


bacon-wrapped bratwurst. house mustard

burrata                            $11

cheese. peas. carrot. mint. olive oil. & warm baguette


black garlic caesar


gem lettuce. parmesan frico. green onion

add chicken or house smoked char


add white anchovies or avocado           


spring vegetable salad


spring greens. snap peas. watermelon radish. toasted almond. maitake mushrooms. cotija cheese. mint. lemon vinaigrette






Mac n cheese


monterey jack. parmesan reggiano. danish fontina. pt reyes blue

ADD Bacon


Steak Quesadilla


mushrooms. monterey jack. pico y crema

fried brussels sprouts


bacon. smoked PARMESAN. lemon & thyme aioli





Sandwichesserved with fries or salad



house pastrami. house kraut. gruyere. 1000 island. rye bread

beet sandwich


BBQ sauce. smoke roasted beets. braised greens. sourdough. three cheeses

ADD AVOCADO           


henry burger.


6oz blended beef patty. gruyere. mushroom aioli. lettuce. roasted balsamic onion. acme bun 

bacon, avocado, or fried egg          



Mikkeller Sausage Company on a bun with fries or salad



pork. house kraut. Mustard

half smoke


smoked beef & pork. chili. onion. mustard

texas ranger


beef. shredded bbq brisket. fried onion & jalapeno. chipotle ranch



pork. tomato confit. provolone. fried salami

chicken jalapeno cheddar


black bean corn salsa. lettuce. avocado sauce. crema.
served in crispy taco shells

Sausage Sampler



all FIVE sausages served with their toppings


smokey new york strip             $23 

salsa verde. warm german potato salad


falafel plate                      $13

english pea hummus. tzatziki. za’atar pita. tomato salad. feta. pickles


POrk confit                        $15

collards. white beans. cranberry BBQ sauce


PEi mussels                        $16

pei mussels. beer & sausage fumet. rye toast.




Weekend Brunch

Sat & Sun 11-3


Mikkeller Breakfast

Two Eggs, hash browns, grilled sourdough

Choice: bacon or house ham. Substitute any sausage, add $3



Market Vegetable Scramble

Eggs, herbs & seasonal vegetables, hash browns,

grilled sourdough



Croque Madame

Shaved house cured ham, mustard, gruyere cheese, béchamel, sunny egg, sourdough, side salad



French Toast

Sourdough French toast, caramelized pears, chantilly crème, maple syrup



House Pastrami Hash

Pastrami, potatoes, peppers, onions, grilled sourdough,

 two over easy eggs



Smoked Char

“Everything spice”

Cream cheese, tomato, red onion, capers

Rye bread



Mini Blueberry Muffins

House made cornmeal muffins with whipped maple butter






monday-THURSday 12-11

friday 12-12

sat 11-12

sunday 11-11 

Limited Menu after 11pm